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7:30 p.m. Bible Study  

The Sanctuary

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At The Sanctuary, we believe that the home is the most vital part of the

church and therefore we meet together in homes as families just like the

early church did in Acts 20:20 “and they went from house to house.”


•What do Family Life Groups provide? A wide variety of biblical teaching

that relates to the world that we live in with the hope of growing in our

relationship with Jesus Christ.


•Why Family Life Groups? Because the church grows and has it’s being

because of families, so our Life Groups provide a Christian atmosphere

where we can discuss a topic of importance in being a follower and believer

of Jesus Christ.


•Where do the Family Life Groups meet? All over the Richmond, tri-city area in a neighborhood near you.


•When do Family Life Groups meet? Life Groups meet during the month to accommodate certain weekly work schedules, alongside of our weekly Bible Study that takes place at The Sanctuary.


•What can I expect when attending a Family Life Group? Friendship, companionship, and discussions in regard to biblical principles that we attempt to apply to our lives on an everyday basis.


•What else can I learn or receive from a Family Life Group? A Free Home Bible Study in the privacy of your own home that literally takes you on a journey through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, where we can discover all that God has for us in this life and the life to come. Not only that, but we grow together as a group and care for one another just like a family.


In short, The Sanctuary’s vision and purpose is to provide an environment where normal everyday people can come together and learn about the Bible and what God has for our lives. Family Life Groups are the fulfillment of that vision and purpose.


How can you join a Family Life Group in your area?

Please contact Kirk or Sandy Dehart at (804)861-5532 or